Butters Canyon Conservancy

Part of what grounds Lynette is to actively give back to the community. She has a connection to the earth she serves through protecting it. For over three years she has been part of the Butters Canyon Conservancy (a land trust; the last wild canyon in the Oakland Hills) and sits on the Board of Directors as Communications Director.

During her tenure she has created the Celebrity Bartender and Silent Auction Night, a fundraising event which for three years was the main source of income for the conservancy outside of personal donations. It was held at the Montclair Bistro in Montclair Oakland. What started out as a test grew into an event held every year with proceeds doubling every year. Jean Quan, now Oakland Mayor was the first Celebrity Bartender followed by Sports Writer and Radio and Television personality Monte Poole was the second year followed by Libby Schaaf, Councilperson for District 4 in Oakland, California. Lynette creates collateral, website content, has created and edited the newsletter for three years and has set up interviews with the press that have turned into several articles written.

General Information

Butters Canyon Conservancy Newsletter 2011

Butters Canyon Conservancy Newsletter 2010

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To make a donation in support of these efforts, visit the Butters Canyon Conservatory website.


Butters Canyon Conservancy In the News

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San Francisco Chronicle, March 5, 2010

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Contra Costa Times, September 24, 2009

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The Montclarion, May 29, 2009

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