Learn how to get visibility quickly and efficiently that ignites profitability by ultimately increasing inbound leads that convert.

Join me for 3 Uncommon Ways to Boost Visibility and Profitability Without Pulling Your Hair Out or Losing Your Mind Masterclass on September 8th - 10th, 11am - 12:30pm Pacific time.

Virtual, high-value lessons you can take to the bank at no charge to you. (Scroll down.) Testimonials below!

Facilitated by Lynette Hoy,
founder and CEO of Firetalker PR

  • How to find the right journalists and reporters that want to hear from you;
  • The value of media preparation, tips and tactics to get asked back for an interview¬†time and again;
  • How to create an Online Media Kit that is right for you;
  • The value of having a Pressroom on your website;
  • The number one thing to consider before embarking on a publicity campaign.
  • If you want to learn more about getting visible, credible, and profitable,¬†Lynette will be sharing a way to secure your success down the publicity pathway without pulling your hair out or losing your mind.

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Lynette Hoy

Lynette is ready to serve you with her expertise!

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
- Thomas Edison (1874-1931)

I am fiercely committed to guiding entrepreneurs to reach the level of visibility, credibility, and profitability they want and deserve. If you are looking for a seasoned been-there-done-that expert who can alleviate your pain of not being noticed, the nagging feeling of not being good enough, and just not knowing where to start - you have found your mentor.

Since 1994 I've been working in the trenches as a publicity campaign expert in different capacities including starting my own company, Firetalker PR, 11 years ago. My mission and commitment are to work with as many entrepreneurs as I can to pave the way so their star on the rise emerges. I've worked with C-suite executives with concerns similar to yours and have created go-to experts the media loves.

I've worked with companies like ICG Real Estate Investments, American Heart Association, National Institutes of Health, and Clos du Bois wine to get seen and heard - to get their products services, and events on the map.

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September 8th - 10th, 11am to 12:30pm Pacific Time

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