Fanning the Flame of Your Brilliance

It all starts with a spark

About Us

If you’ve ever built your own fire out in the woods, you know you’re going to need a few important materials: kindling, twigs, wood and... that magical spark! Firetalker PR knows how to produce that spark and then, through our expertise in publicity, talk that spark into a full flame.

We work with clients to build the creative story that captures the imagination of the public. We refine your message and manage your media so you are engaged with the right people at the right time.

We fan the flame.

Giving Back

Founder and Fire Chief, Lynette Hoy, has a core value of community service which is reflected in the many heart-based projects that Firetalker PR supports. She taught life transition skills and networking at the Employment Development Department (Oakland, CA). She also served on the board of directors for Butters Canyon Conservancy (San Francisco, CA) as Communications Director. Lynette is a strong advocate for the American Cancer Society, serving on committees for events, managing event promotion, and public relations.

Lynette Hoy headshot

Founder & CEO, Lynette Hoy

Since 1994 publicity campaign expert Lynette Hoy has practiced public relations in different capacities, inclusive of founding her firm Firetalker PR, 11 years ago. The “fire chief” has worked with organizations like the National Institutes of Health and the American Cancer Society to put their products, services, and events on the map. In the profit sector, Lynette has worked with companies including ICG Real Estate Investments and Clos du Bois turning C-suite executives into speakers and thought leaders featured in major media including CNN, MSNBC, Inc. Magazine, and Fortune Magazine, to name a few. A fiery connector and idea generator, her work increases the bottom line!

Christina Marie Kimball

Executive Advisor
Christina Marie Kimball

Christina Marie is uniquely qualified to coach our clients through their business transformations. She has launched and led multiple entrepreneurial successes over the last 30+ years.

Christina Marie’s experience spans across so many industries, our clients always feel understood, establishing a natural and effortless trust in her process.

Paul Hoy Headshot

Photographer, Editor, Videographer – Paul Hoy

Paul has over 25 years of experience in photography, audio recording, filming, and editing. He ran his own consulting business for almost 20 years, providing these services to his clients. As a member of the Firetalker PR team, Paul’s knowledge of all things technology has been a gift to this firm and our clients.

His career has been primarily in IT, and currently he is the Director of Technology at charter school in Caldwell, Idaho. Even off the clock, Paul spends his time photographing the birds and landscapes of the great Northwest.