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Would you like to earn publicity, grow your credibility, and attract more clients to your business without hiring an expensive public relations agency? Do you realize with some laser-targeted training, which I will provide - you can be a huge success in the media? Don't be afraid of this strategy to grow your business.

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LIVE via Zoom 10 weeks of hands-on training; only 12 spots are available! OCTOBER 14TH - DECEMBER 23rd (no training during Thanksgiving week in the U.S., November 22nd, and the final day may be moved up to the beginning of the week in December)

Are you worried about how you will reach your revenue goals when the referrals slow or stop? Do you think you can't possibly do what it takes to grab your place in the media spotlight? I understand! And I have your back. You absolutely can grow your business by building know like and trust with an audience of millions.

If you are here, that means you are hungry for change, and know that the time is NOW to up your game. The pandemic has forever changed our lives, and the marketplace is more crowded than ever. Are you ready to stand out?

If you are someone who is:

  • Eager to build relationships with the media and be a source for them
  • Getting frustrated that you are not in that spotlight getting the recognition you deserve while others bask in the credibility and grow their business?
  • Tired of pouring money into advertising that does not work?
  • Tired of posting all over social media with little to no response?
  • Trying to get your message out to the masses, but your list is growing at a snail's pace?
  • Are you someone who is scared of publicity but knows how important it can be if you just learned how and what to do to get it?

You are in the right place! Normal is gone. New and exciting are in. Let's go!

You know that...

More guest appearances on podcasts, getting noticed and featured by journalists, and television and video interviews will lead to credibility and, ultimately, more profitability.

But how? How do you stop spinning your wheels to land the opportunities in the first place? How do you stop that feeling of helplessness? The answer lies in getting expert advice in an intimate group setting where you learn together with a very small group of other highly motivated entrepreneurs like you, to create what you need, and learn how to succeed in the media - and sharing expertise and lifting as we climb.


Maybe you've tried:

  • DIY programs you never finish with no accountability
  • Working with mentors that have charged thousands and over promise and under deliver
  • Group programs where you felt isolated, with no voice, receiving no personal attention

What you will find working with Lynette in this Bootcamp

  • Over delivering on promises
  • Patience and personal guidance
  • Validation and ideas galore
  • Laser-targeted strategy and advice for your business
  • A fun Bootcamp experience to learn what you don't know that you don't know
Lynette Hoy #lynettehoy #firetalkerpr Firetalker PR


Getting visible and credible with media coverage for you and your business can be done with the proper guidance and training. I have helped several hundred people do just that!

Let's get down to it - here's what you get for
your $1,575 investment in the

Get Publicity Get Profitable Bootcamp:

  • 10 weeks of hands-on training where we meet every Tuesday for two hours, from 9am to 11am Pacific STARTING OCTOBER 14TH through DECEMBER 23rd (no call Thanksgiving Week, and the final call will be adjusted to meet everyone's availability with the holidays)
  • You will create your customized signature Online Media Kit that increases your ability to get interviewed by the media ($5,000 value!)
  • You will create the layout for your customized Pressroom to showcase your brilliance within the confines of your website
  • In-depth training on media research and media preparedness so you show up at your best for all different types of media and know exactly what to say with the right amount of sound bytes (short, memorable sentences)
  • A strategic plan of action on how to get more visible online and offline that sets you up for success in being found and/or booked by the media (and your next client) ($5,000 value!)
  • Social media audit for you and your branding and a plan on how to leverage it for visibility ($1,000 value)
  • Accountability, hot seats, and laser coaching (remember there are only 12 people max for this class, so you'll have plenty of attention)
  • Speaker one-sheet and media one-sheet audit; you'll create this if you don't have it, and you'll update your current one if you do
  • Learn what a pitch is, create one and how to deliver it to the media the booking agent
  • How to write a press release that delivers and learn how to leverage it to boost your overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that you're found more often on search engines
  • Increased confidence that you do have an important message that needs to be shared and people do want to listen to you
  • Get prepared for the interview, so you can deliver confidently on any media platform ($2,000 value)
  • Private Facebook Group to share the content you're creating and get feedback on it plus get your questions answered, accountability to get stuff done and get the support of your fellow Bootcampers
  • Templates and examples given for Online Media Kit, action plans, speaker one sheet, media one sheet and press releases ($3000 value)

Why work with Lynette?

I am fiercely committed to guiding entrepreneurs to reach the level of visibility, credibility, and profitability they want and deserve. If you are looking for a seasoned been-there-done-that expert who can alleviate your pain of not being noticed, the nagging feeling of not being good enough, and just not knowing where to start - you have found your mentor.

Since 1994 I've been working in the trenches as a publicity campaign expert in different capacities including starting my own company, Firetalker PR, 11 years ago. My mission and commitment are to work with as many entrepreneurs as I can to pave the way so their star on the rise emerges. I've worked with C-suite executives with concerns similar to yours and have created go-to experts the media loves.

I've worked with companies like ICG Real Estate Investments, American Heart Association, National Institutes of Health, and Clos du Bois wine to get seen and heard - to get their products services and events on the map.

Now it's your turn! My buffet of how-to is now yours to embrace as you reach out to grab the spotlight you deserve with my expert guidance, while revenues climb. Read the testimonials below on what you can expect.


"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
- Thomas Edison (1874-1931)

Lynette Hoy

Now it's your turn! My buffet of how-to is now yours to embrace as you reach out to grab the spotlight you deserve with my expert guidance while revenues climb.

Read the testimonials below on what you can expect.

Here's What People Have to Say About Working With Lynette


"I hired Lynette to help me grow my coaching business. With other successful businesses, I was frustrated I was not quite reaching the level of success I expected. She changed all that by helping me get visible. Lynette is an expert advisor, coach, PR person who knows how to lift you. I have consulted with lots of people and I can say hands down, you have found an expert who can take you wherever you have been trying to go. Lynette helped me position myself over a year with the media and ultimately my ideal client, growing my business. Fire up your engines because Lynette works fast, and with a great sense of humor to boot. She makes it fun! There is no wasting your time or money. Every minute counts and she knows you don't have time to waste. I fondly call her my "genius", I'm glad I found her and recommend her highly."
- Sarri Gilman (Seattle, WA)

"I first hired Lynette Hoy of Firetalker PR as a mentor, which turned into a long-term relationship with her mentoring and guiding the efforts of several PR campaigns, training my staff on social media, and helping me to grow a new venture in the midst of a pandemic, by 45% over our projections! We are thrilled with what she has done to get us exposure in the marketplace - from writing to managing, to demo speaker reel creation, to idea generation, and more. She is a consummate professional, full of passion and enthusiasm for my efforts, and never gives up. She is creative and tenacious - must-have qualities for a PR pro. We highly recommend her. She is a Firetalker, with a great sense of humor!

- Dr. Allen Steven Lycka (Edmonton Alberta Canada)


"I was not getting all the visibility or media attention I needed. Lynette helped me change all of this and I saw my business change. Lynette cares about her clients, is fun to work with and teaches the elements of visibility that get results with the media that brought me ultimate profitably. She has a plethora of ideas and taught me how to prepare for anything. It is also critical to plan for any type of crisis in business, and she helped me set up a plan that saved me thousands. I perfected my interview prowess and it has gotten me invited back again and again for interviews. She is very creative and is a great connector. Like any good PR expert, she knows everyone and taught me how to connect to the media."

- Caterina Rando (San Francisco, CA)


Show up, participate, do the work, and you will get results!

Invest in yourself and your business, say goodbye to the pain of not being recognized as the expert you are in the marketplace you serve, and NEVER suffer from a lack of warm leads in your business again


Bonus 1

Jan Wallen

30 Days to Increasing Your Income – ($997 value)

You’ll have the skills, know-how, and confidence in how you:

  • present to your current client or prospect
  • handle objections and
  • land your ideal clients with your new fees in 30 days

You will get:

  • 30-minute strategy call to raise your fees
  • Audit your expert presence
  • Your own ExpertiseDNA™ is established to use anywhere you go
  • Three 30-minute follow-up calls so you can rest easy knowing you put your best foot forward

Bonus 2

Sherri-Lee Woycik

Grow a Viral Community of Engaged Prospects & Buyers on your Facebook Page!

The Viral Page Magic Program is the foundation for viral organic marketing on Facebook!

Valued at $997i t's a bonus for everyone who signs up for the Get Publicity Get Profitable Bootcamp!

Bonus 3

Judy Baker

Building Your Author Page and why it matters ($500 Value!)

Going from an invisible author to a sought-after authority.

You'll have the skills, understanding and confidence to build your author profile.

Amplify your authority | attract readers | engage your audience | turn browsers into buyers


Bonus 4

Angela Hall

FREE 1 hour Consultation ($197 value) with Angela, Professional Problem Solver, Miracle Worker and Tech Geek!

Angela is an automation expert. She can help you find
the right tools for you, your biz AND your budget! Whether you're looking for the right system to create a course or just want to know how to make a few changes on your website, this hour call will leave you with answers to all your tech questions. All calls will be recorded and provided to you.

Did you know...

  • That there are over 2 Million podcasts in the world (Earthweb, 2022)
  • That almost every major city has at least 15 different types of television programming book people for interviews in the U.S. (Public Relations Society of America and Buzzfeed, 2020)
  • That 85% of all press releases get picked up from at least 3 media outlets, if not 20 internationally (PRNewswire)
  • That the chances of you getting booked at a TV station in your local area is 75% greater when you have the right Online Media Kit and other materials (Public Relations Society of America, 2021)
  • That there are 7,416 magazines in the U.S. (Statista, 2020)
  • There are over 600 Million active bloggers in the world (GrowthBadger, 2019)

We're talking about getting booked in all these different places and more. As you can see there's a massive opportunity for you to get booked if you incorporate a PR strategy to go alongside your overall marketing strategy. When you work this plan we will have in place by the end of the Bootcamp, you could be setting yourself up for some significant publicity on a regular basis driving warm leads that convert and help you to meet your revenue goals without depending on referrals alone. It will become a funnel that keeps on giving. And just think of how you will impact the world...

This is for you if...

  • you've always been curious about how to get on TV or be chosen for more podcasts and radio shows
  • you've been resistant to showing up in the media more because we're going to get you clarity and confidence when you attend
  • you realize you need to reach a whole lot more people in order to make the kind of money you wanna make
  • you're not scared to put in the time and effort to get this kind of free publicity so you can stop wasting time on things that aren't working
  • if you want clarity, guidance and help with your pitches to use to get booked in the media so that you no longer feel helpless, unsure and overwhelmed
  • if you have an assistant that helps, but whether you do or not, you can do this once you know what to do - IT TAKES PRACTICE

This is NOT for you if...

  • you don't plan on showing up to the calls and participating
  • you aren't willing to do the work after I guide you on what to do and how to do it
  • you're never going to reach out to the media no matter how clear, confident and ready you are
  • you're a whiner and complainer and always believe it's never going to work out for you (well, seriously, some people are!)
  • you don't have a website yet, and you're just starting your business (you need a web presence to apply what I will be teaching, this is a more advanced level course)
Lynette Hoy of Firetalker PR, Lynette Hoy

Only $1,575 pay in full is the most economical option and comes with three hours of 1:1 with me ($1,050 value)!

Click the button to choose your payment plan and proceed(Remember, there are only 12 spots available, so you need to do this ASAP, the sign-up window will close September 20th, or when we reach 12 people.)

If you're not sure if this is a good fit for you, or have questions about the Bootcamp book a call right now and let's have a quick chat.