To Entrepreneur or Not to Entrepreneur

In 2008, many people lost their jobs and were feeling helpless. Soon after, many ideas started to surface about what else we could do. Some joined meet-ups designed like networking groups for the unemployed to try and find work. Others joined groups that assisted them in moving into the 21st century so they could compete. Now, that made sense to me.

What else made sense?

Picking yourself up, and getting whatever education you needed to get better at what you do or transitioning into something else. More free stuff is still out there than you can imagine! What else still makes sense today is to make sure you are surrounding yourself with employed people: people that will know who is looking for work. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, this makes more sense than ever. I love the freedom I have — to create, to fall down without judgment, and to know that the resources and help I have are completely endless. It is a super-charger!

Attend Chamber of Commerce meetings in your area, see what is happening. Who is making money? How are we re-building our economy? Find association meetings that you are interested in. Whether it is marketing, finance, public relations, writing, you name it, the group for you is out there. Attend their networking monthly meetings and ask questions. Ask if they work for a company or if they are an entrepreneur. Once you warm up the conversation, ask if you can talk to them more, exchange cards and follow up. PR people such as myself — those that have decided to go off on their own — are all too excited to talk to you about how and why we did it. We are proud. We are relieved. It is not overnight success but there is so much help out there it is amazing. I can’t say this enough: There is enough work for everyone, if you are ready to go after it!

Do your homework. We are not out of hard times yet. Our new economy continues to emerge, but the struggle is far from over. Want to talk more? Contact me with your questions and I will do my best to send you in the right direction.