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Private VIP Mentoring Program with Lynette Hoy

Are you tired of feeling invisible in the marketplace you serve? Are you ready to ignite your visibility and become the go-to expert for the media as revenues climb?

You're in the right place!


Are you an entrepreneur ready to grab your place in the spotlight for more visibility, credibility, and profitability?

If you are here that means you are hungry for change and know that the time is NOW to up your game. Our lives are forever changed and the marketplace is more crowded than ever. Are you ready to stand out?

If you are someone who is:

  • Excited and willing to stretch out of their comfort zone and become the go-to expert for the media
  • Committed to being themselves and being vulnerable and coachable
  • Happy people who can enjoy a strong working relationship that means we walk down the isle together - both committed to your success working in collaboration

Normal is gone. New and exciting are in. Let's go!

Are you ready for private mentoring now?

I can't wait to help you!


  • Are you an expert who is tired of feeling invisible in the marketplace you serve?
  • Wondering what will happen when the referrals stop?
  • Eager to have a smoother, consistent path to exponential sales in your business?
  • Ready, willing, and excited to do the hard work to build stronger connections in your community and get to the next level of success in your business?

Your fiery solution is here!

As a private client, we get to work together walking down the aisle and we are committed to each other to go the distance. Just the two of us, not a group program, where I personally help you craft and implement strategies and tactics to position you as the sought-after expert for the media - so you get the publicity you need to become an industry expert and exactly what your next client needs. All the while meeting and exceeding your revenue goals.


I bet you have tried:

  • DIY programs you never finish with no accountability
  • Worked with leading mentors that charge thousands for one hour a month - and no additional guidance
  • Group programs where you felt isolated with no personal attention

What you won't find working with Lynette:

  • Excuses on not delivering on promises
  • Judgment and no patience
  • Feeling your input and questions are stupid

Here's what you will find:

  • Understanding, empathy, compassion as I ease your pain
  • A program created to meet your individual needs
  • Collaborative effort - we are in this together
  • Encouragement and joy as you begin to understand the dynamics of getting the publicity you deserve

Pillars that Pave the Path to the Success You Seek

Give me 12 months and I will have you consistently feeding a strategy we build together through these three pillars of success below designed to have you getting interviewed
by the media as revenues climb.


We look at your messaging and promotional efforts as they relate to your marketing plan and thoroughly evaluate what's working and what isn't. Then together we decide what must change to position you as an authority the media wants as their go-to.


Here we break out every element as it pertains to your success in messaging and getting you media-ready. We will look at what elements you need in place, and what we want to achieve over our year together.


We take our strategy and break it out into pieces and implement - the fun part! We put together an Online Media Kit, design your Pressroom to showcase your interviews and provide everything the media needs to interview you. We dive into our strategy and put it to work to have you standing out as revenues climb.

Let's get down to it - here's what you get:

Three 1-hour coaching sessions per month:

Support dialed in to meet your needs:

Three 1-hour coaching sessions per month:

  • How-to guidance every step of the way
  • Unlimited email access
  • Accountability
  • Homework and review of assignments
  • Powerful door opening tools and tips and tactics
  • Social media audit--evaluation of all platforms and guidance on leveraging for maximum visibility
  • Guest blog opportunities-where they are and how to use them
  • Messaging evaluation and guidance
  • Fast access to influencer opportunities--how to research and reach out
  • Guidance on Online Media Kit formulation
  • Guidance on Pressroom formulation for maximum exposure as revenues climb
  • Speaker one-sheet evaluation/formulation
  • Media one-sheet evaluation/formulation
  • Media coaching
  • How to pitch queries on multiple platforms for pick-up
Lynette Hoy

My path to becoming a PR pro started at the age of eight, when my father was starting his own automobile dealership in Reno, Nevada. I thought he was a star and saw that others were on television that sold cars. I did not realize what I saw was ads, and I called a local television station and asked if my dad could talk about his new car dealership. And that started his star on the rise! He did not realize how close he was to succeeding in telling his own story.


Why work with Lynette?

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
- Thomas Edison (1874-1931)

I am fiercely committed to guiding entrepreneurs to reach the level of visibility, credibility, and profitability they want and deserve. If you are looking for a seasoned been-there-done-that expert who can alleviate your pain of not being noticed, the nagging feeling of not being good enough, and just not knowing where to start - you have found your mentor.

Since 1994 I've been working in the trenches as a publicity campaign expert in different capacities including starting my own company, Firetalker PR, 11 years ago. My mission and commitment are to work with as many entrepreneurs as I can to pave the way so their star on the rise emerges. I've worked with C-suite executives with concerns similar to yours and have created go-to experts the media loves.

I've worked with companies like ICG Real Estate Investments, American Heart Association, National Institutes of Health, and Clos du Bois wine to get seen and heard - to get their products services and events on the map.

Now it's your turn! My buffet of how-to is now yours to embrace as you reach out to grab the spotlight you deserve with my expert guidance, while revenues climb. Read the testimonials below on what you can expect.

Here's What People Have to Say...


"I hired Lynette to help me grow my coaching business. With other successful businesses, I was frustrated I was not quite reaching the level of success I expected. She changed all that by helping me get visible. Lynette is an expert advisor, coach, PR person who knows how to lift you. I have consulted with lots of people and I can say hands down, you have found an expert who can take you wherever you have been trying to go. Lynette helped me position myself over a year with the media and ultimately my ideal client, growing my business. Fire up your engines because Lynette works fast, and with a great sense of humor to boot. She makes it fun! There is no wasting your time or money. Every minute counts and she knows you don't have time to waste. I fondly call her my "genius", I'm glad I found her and recommend her highly."

- Sarri Gilman (Seattle, WA)


"I first hired Lynette Hoy of Firetalker PR as a mentor, which turned into a long-term relationship with her mentoring and guiding the efforts of several PR campaigns, training my staff on social media, and helping me to grow a new venture in the midst of a pandemic, by 45% over our projections! We are thrilled with what she has done to get us exposure in the marketplace - from writing to managing, to demo speaker reel creation, to idea generation, and more. She is a consummate professional, full of passion and enthusiasm for my efforts, and never gives up. She is creative and tenacious - must-have qualities for a PR pro. We highly recommend her. She is a Firetalker, with a great sense of humor!

- Dr. Allen Steven Lycka (Edmonton Alberta Canada)


"I was not getting all the visibility or media attention I needed. Lynette helped me change all of this and I saw my business change. Lynette cares about her clients, is fun to work with and teaches the elements of visibility that get results with the media that brought me ultimate profitably. She has a plethora of ideas and taught me how to prepare for anything. It is also critical to plan for any type of crisis in business, and she helped me set up a plan that saved me thousands. I perfected my interview prowess and it has gotten me invited back again and again for interviews. She is very creative and is a great connector. Like any good PR expert, she knows everyone and taught me how to connect to the media."

- Caterina Rando (San Francisco, CA)

Ignite Visibility and Increase Profitability with Your Mentor Lynette Hoy

Invest in yourself and your business and say goodbye to the pain of not being recognized as the expert you are in the marketplace you serve!

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