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"I highly recommend Lynette as a guest. Her conversational, fun engagement and command of her content made it easy for me and my audience to find ways to get visible and grow in our business."
- Adam Torres, Co-Founder and Host of Mission Matters

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Ignite Visibility with Publicity and Get Profitable mentor Lynette Hoy brings 27 years in the Public Relations trenches to your programming, with fiery information your guests can't do without to reach their goals both professionally and personally. We are in unprecedented times and Lynette is stepping up to take her "done for you" experience to now teach others how to take advantage of the new world we are in to become the go-to expert the media is looking for. Your guests will receive proven PR takeaways on how to get visible, credible, and profitable. Reach out to Lynette at (415) 694-3004 or email

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  • 3 Ninja Strategies to Rise Above Negative Press (and how to avoid it to begin with!)
  • New and Provocative Insights on Communication that Improve Profitability
  • 3 Tools Every Expert Should Be Using to Get Noticed and More Profitable
  • What a Pressroom is and Why it's Critical to Get Visible in The Marketplace
  • How to Lead from Within - It Takes H.E.A.R.T.


General questions about Lynette and getting media attention

  • You have been in the public relations industry for 27 years, and 11 of them have been running your own business - what made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?
  • Why did you decide to pursue a career in public relations?
  • You had a near-death experience in 2012 - how did this effect your business? (This is a question on crisis management) 
  • Why is visibility such a hot topic?
  • I have heard that every one of us does public relations - are we all considered pros?
  • What are best practices for being interviewed?
  • What is the difference between being interviewed on podcasts versus radio?
  • What would you tell someone just starting out on their journey to be the go-to for the media?
  • What are some practical tips for getting started with the media?
  • What type of mindset is required for getting media attention?
  • What do you recommend to people who have never pitched the media before?
  • Do you recommend people hire an agency or a mentor for public relations?
  • How do you find out who to pitch your story to?
  • How critical is it to make sure something we want the media to talk about is newsworthy?
  • Why is reach so important in a publicity campaign? 

50 Word Biography

Since 1994, publicity campaign expert Lynette Hoy has practiced public relations in different capacities inclusive of founding her firm Firetalker PR, 11 years ago. A fiery connector and idea generator ,she has turned C-suite executives into speakers and thought leaders featured in major media including CNN, MSNBC, Inc. Magazine, Fortune Magazine and more.


100 Word Biography

Since 1994, Lynette has practiced public relations in different capacities, including founding her firm, Firetalker PR 12 years ago. The “fire chief,” as she is fondly called, has worked with organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, ICG Real Estate Investments, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, and Clos du Bois wine to put their products, services, and events on the map. From individually curated publicity campaigns to VIP mentoring, Lynette works with entrepreneurs--small business owners, speakers, and authors turning them into thought leaders and go-to experts featured in major media, including CNN, MSNBC, and Forbes Magazine, to name a few. A fiery connector and idea generator, Lynette's programs increase your visibility, credibility, and profitabilityLearn more at You can join Lynette's Facebook Group, Embrace Your Fire and Grow Your Business with Publicity and Promotion here.


Mission Matters Interview

"I highly recommend Lynette as a guest. Both my audience and I received a lot of valuable information from her interview, in breaking the myth about how we show up and get recognized by the media. She goes into detail on the foundation of publicity and promotion."

-Adam Torres, Co-Founder and Host of Mission Matters

"I interviewed Lynette Hoy for the Let’s TAWK Leadership podcast to discuss what leadership means to her and why leadership is important in her work.  Lynette discussed how she believe in PR with a heart.  Music to my ears!  Lynette is passionate about her work, truly loves working with her clients and has a sense of humor that will put anyone at ease!  Lynette provides great insight into the importance of leadership and her focus to keep it front and center. I highly recommend her as a podcast guest."

-Karen Colligan, founder of Keep it Real and Let's TAWK Leadership podcast

Lynette Hoy, a successful publicity campaign expert for many years, has returned to the podcast to share her new revolutionary program, PR with H.E.A.R.T. After interviewing 100 CEOs about their employees and clients she built a program to teach them how to improve communication with both more effectively. She teaches how to leverage who their clients and employees really are and how to ignite their bottom line exponentially.


Listen in and hear what PR with H.E.A.R.T. can do for your business.