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3 Ways to Stay Out of The “No One Knows Me” Trap

We all do it. Feeling bad because no one is buying our product or service. Referrals are slowing. And just because referrals are slowing does not mean our offerings are less valuable. What it does mean is that we are not consistently doing what is necessary to get known and stay profitable. The bottom line…

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Fall flowers

Fall is A Time for Preparation

I find in the fall I am moved to re-evaluate the summer. Looking at what I have harvested, and what needs more work after evaluating it. What about you? For me, my business has grown, and I have personally as well, and how I show up for the world. I see the need for us…

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Exit landing page how it should look when you close your business

Don’t Let “403 Forbidden Error”​ Be the Last Words Seen on Your Website

Have you ever typed in a favorite website to see an “Error 404” message? How about the famous “403 Forbidden Error” message? This messaging may be temporary, and you might want to check back later. After “later” has come and gone, what happens next? If you think this will never happen to you, or you…

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Why a PR Plan Should be Part of your Business Plan

In August I gave a talk for the eWomenNetwork Accelerated Network Luncheon. I spoke about a few things that stood out in a survey taken with the group here in Seattle, Washington. The last topic addressed was on how to budget for working with a public relations professional (which will be addressed in a following…

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Make it Up and Shout it Out for Great Publicity

In our New Economy, we can make up whatever name we want for anything, and turn it into something real. The key is to shout it out to the world and don’t stop. The tech industry is leading the way. For example, there have been several take-offs on the applet. From what I have researched,…

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Publicity Training Offered at Women’s Toolbox Annual Conference Now Available

This year’s 2013 Annual Women’s Toolbox Conference sponsored by IBM and Endicott College held in Beverly Massachusetts was content filled, energizing, exciting, well–the normal Women’s Toolbox event! All the trees were in full color publicizing the time of year! Fall is a beautiful time in the Boston area. Friends re-united, new friends and colleagues made,…

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How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Book

There are a million experts out there who will tell you the best use of social media to publicize and promote books. However, what really works are things that stand the test of time. One of these things is leveraging Twitter to tell the world about your book, whether it has been published yet or…

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What You Can Do Right Now to Start Developing a Crisis Mindset for Your Comprehensive Emergency Plan

In my previous post I stated that I would take you through my own process of creating a plan for Firetalker PR. This post will get you started based on what I have done so far. According to Emergency Public Relations, Crisis Management in a 3.0 World, by Alan B. Bernstein and Cindy Rakowitz,  there are things…

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Do you have a plan in place for your business in case you end up in the ER?

In May of this year I became very ill and ended up having emergency surgery. For months prior to that, I had several other health issues that were annoying to me, and to everyone including my clients. All of it related to a compromised immune system (I never knew, until I ended up in the…

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Fielding media calls for attorneys

In my last post I talked about how confidentiality agreements with attorneys or other high level executives might affect your portfolio. There are many terms for everything in the PR world but here I will tell you what means to field the media for attorneys and how to make sure you are prepared for a…

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