3 Ways to Stay Out of The “No One Knows Me” Trap

We all do it. Feeling bad because no one is buying our product or service. Referrals are slowing. And just because referrals are slowing does not mean our offerings are less valuable. What it does mean is that we are not consistently doing what is necessary to get known and stay profitable. The bottom line is that feeling you are worth connecting with is paramount to success. As leaders, we must feel loved, needed, and accepted for our leadership and product or service. Staying out of the “no one knows me trap” will help to eliminate slowing sales and feelings of inadequacy. Here are three ways to stop the pain:

1. Never stop nurturing your brand ambassadors

Reach out to five people individually a day. Personal attention reminds people that you are there for them, which does not mean selling. It means reaching out and wishing them a happy birthday, a happy anniversary, or just a note wishing them well. It can also mean an invitation to meet and learn more about what they are doing and how you can help them achieve their goals. Once that part of the conversation is completed, move into your offering, or let them know you have room for a few new clients. You are informing them, not selling to them.

2. Get visible online

If your social media platforms are weak, this hurts you. A weak platform is inactive, with no posts or engagement and no current branded presence. A weak platform also has no current image of you. Make sure you are writing to increase visibility and credibility and drive traffic back to your website through your blog. A blog is a goldmine. If you only blog once a week, that is enough. Additional visibility comes when you repurpose that content on other user-generated platforms like LinkedIn and Medium.com. Take part of that blog, add to it, post it on Medium, and provide links back to your blog. Take part of that post, rework and repurpose it with a new title and image on LinkedIn, along with backlinks to your blog (for a more detailed look at the content) work well. Of course, working with someone in your industry with compatible skill sets that are not in direct competition also makes for great guest post opportunities (blog on each other’s websites and provide backlinks).

3. Build relationships with the media and get publicity

If you have never been interviewed, you are missing a powerful way to get seen and heard and to build know like and trust with your ideal client (which leads to more profitability). Before you can get interviewed, most of the time, this requires building relationships with those reporters that focus on your industry. Getting publicity is more accessible than in years past because of technology. Anyone can do it with the proper training. It takes a lot of time and energy too – but it is all worth it! For publicity sooner than later, try a platform like Help A Reporter Out (H.A.R.O.) and become a source for the media.

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