Fall is A Time for Preparation

Fall flowers

I find in the fall I am moved to re-evaluate the summer. Looking at what I have harvested, and what needs more work after evaluating it. What about you?

For me, my public relations business has grown, and I have personally as well, and how I show up for the world. I see the need for us to all step up and make a change. So that is a part of what I am preparing for. I have decided to work with the Idaho Youth Ranch, which helps abused children and much more. This is close to my heart as I was abused. So as part of how I will change the world, I will be volunteering. What about you?

These flowers shown in the image here, are late summer/fall flowers, and I just recently discovered them – they are exuberant and full of possibility. What is full of possibilities right now in your business? How about your personal life? Remember that the two worlds are now forever intertwined in the new era we are entering.

What are you doing right now to get noticed for your expertise for the remainder of the year? Are you gearing up for a new publicity push?

Give all of this a ponder, and act on the ponder.

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